Hivemind Capital Launches Digital Culture Fund with an Aim to Institutionalize Blockchain-Infused Digital Art Investing

Hivemind Capital Launches Digital Culture Fund with an Aim to Institutionalize Blockchain-Infused Digital Art Investing
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March 13, 2024
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Hivemind Capital Partners today announces the launch of their Digital Culture Fund, a curated collection of generative art and digital culture that is emblematic of the rising digital art movement. The fund offers an opportunity for institutional investors to engage with a unique emerging market.

The convergence of AI and blockchain technology with fine art is catalyzing a broad cultural revolution and fostering a distinct art market, distinguished by its accessibility, interactivity, and digital-native roots. And, with major art institutions like the MoMA, the LACMA and Centre Pompidou showing increasing interest in this domain, the digital art movement is on the cusp of a new era.

By providing an accessible investment vehicle at this pivotal moment and potential opportune market timing, the Hivemind Digital Culture Fund aims to cultivate growth, acceptance, and appreciation for this emerging market and pioneer the institutionalization of digital art investing.

With a combination of art sensibilities and a digital-native ethos, Hivemind’s curation team has acquired a portfolio of culturally significant works from well-known artists that embody the digital and generative art movement. While Hivemind places a significant emphasis on high-value, blue-chip generative art pieces, it has flexibility to encompass a diverse range of digital culture forms, including AI art, glitch art, crypto culture and promising works from emerging digital artists.

Matt Zhang, Founder and Managing Partner at Hivemind, says, "Throughout history, innovative technology has been a catalyst for new wealth creation, sparking significant cultural shifts. We see this pattern recurring with web3technology, which is not only redefining how we interact with and invest in art but is giving rise to a broader digital native culture. Launching out of the UK, the Hivemind Digital Culture Fund is comprised of iconic pieces that represent and celebrate this shift, offering collectors a chance to diversify their portfolios and be part of a movement we believe is poised for growth in the coming years.”


Richard Skeet, Managing Partner and Head of Research, says, "Fine art has long been a captivating alternative asset class to provide a diversified store of value; however, navigating the landscape of digital art presents unique challenges. It requires not only a thorough understanding of fine art and the distinct characteristics of the web3 landscape and its audience, but also the ability to make well-timed, strategic decisions in an emerging market. At Hivemind, we aim to alleviate these challenges for our investors, offering a simplified yet elegant way of engaging with digital art in a meaningful way.”


About Hivemind

Hivemind Capital Partners is a Web3 and blockchain technology focused investment firm.

Committed to institutionalizing digital asset investing, Hivemind combines crypto-native technology and expertise with institutional-grade risk management and practices. With a thesis-driven and multi-strategy approach, Hivemind unlocks the potential of digital assets to bean investable asset class by providing curated and scalable access to institutional investors.

Founded in 2021, Hivemind is headquartered in the US with a global presence.